Favorite Foods of Clinton and Trump

Are you like the millions of American's that are still trying to decide who to vote for in November's Presidential Election? As we all listen to the candidates speak tonight during their first televised debate, keep one more thing in mind...food favorites of the candidates.

We found an article from 2008 where the writer was able to track down various people in Clinton's life and ask them what she likes to eat. The results - Oliveburgers (hamburgers with olives), Boca burgers, popcorn smothered in butter, and lamb.

While we were unable to locate a similar article on Trump, we did find some references. Trump's favorite sandwich and meal is meatloaf. He and his wife, Melania, prepared meatloaf sandwiches on an episode of Martha Stewart, which we attached for your viewing pleasure. We were also able to find other references that mention his love for well done cheeseburgers and steak, and peanuts.

There you have it people, you are now fully informed about each candidate!



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