Mead, Meodu, Honey-Wine...


... what ever you wish to call it, is delicious and making quite a bit of noise on the craft scene. Mead is neither wine nor beer. It is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water; sometimes with infusion of fruits, spices, and hops. Mead is ancient, and I mean... ANCIENT! History points to mead as the oldest fermented beverage. Quite impressive. There is evidence, found in pottery and beakers, that a version of mead dates back to 6500-7000BC in Asia and 2800-1800BC in Europe. A recognizable reference to mead is in the epic poem, Beowulf, were the warriors drank mead in copious amounts. 


You can generally find mead where you purchase your favorite libations, but you do not have to look far to find a mead house that is crafting their own version of this beverage. Mead masters are making more modern versions of mead with unusual and interesting flavor combinations. You can say that this is the renaissance of mead. 


I use mead in recipes as a fresh alternative to wine. The complexity of mead added some super delicious notes to the recipes from my cookbook, A Thyme and Place; Medieval Feasts and Recipes for the Modern Table. I used Maine Mead Works for some of the recipes and, while writing this post, I am drinking hopping passion fruit mead from Apis in Carnegie, PA. 



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